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What is Nativeblocks?

Nativeblocks is a powerful platform for building mobile and web apps using a visual, block-based interface. It simplifies app development by allowing developers and product managers to create complex features and functionality through pre-defined code blocks, rather than writing code from scratch. With native support for multiple platforms such as Kotlin for Android, Swift for iOS, and React for Web, plus with real-time previewing,and collaborative workspaces. developers and product managers can develop easier, faster, and more accessible applications.

What is Server-Driven application?


Server-driven UI (SDUI) is an approach to building user interfaces where the server, instead of the client, controls the look and feel of the application. This means the server dictates things like the layout, components, and how they behave.

Traditionally, UIs are built into the client app. When a user opens the app, the UI elements are rendered on their device. With SDUI, the server sends instructions to the client about how to build the UI. This can include things like pre-built UI components or descriptions of how to render them. The client then assembles the UI based on these instructions.

There are several benefits to using SDUI

  • Faster updates: UI changes can be rolled out from the server without requiring users to update their apps.
  • Improved consistency: SDUI helps ensure a consistent user experience across different platforms (web, mobile, etc.).
  • More dynamic UIs: The server can control the UI in real-time based on user data or other factors.
  • Reduced client-side complexity: Less UI logic needs to be implemented on the client device, which can simplify development.


SDUI can be taken a step further to allow for dynamic control of the app's functionality from the server. This approach is sometimes referred to as Server-Drive Logic (SDL)

Here's how it expands on SDUI:

  • Dynamic Logic Control: The server controls more than just the app's appearance (UI). It can also influence how the app works behind the scenes. This could involve things like:
    • API Requests: The server can instruct the client to make specific API calls based on user data, context, or A/B testing.
    • Conditional Logic: The server can define conditions that determine what happens in the app, like showing a permission prompt or hiding certain features.
    • Data Manipulation: The server can control how data is processed and displayed on the client-side.

Benefits of Dynamic Logic Control:

  • Enhanced Personalization: The app can dynamically adapt to user preferences and behavior based on server-side rules.
  • Simplified Development: Less complex logic needs to be implemented on the client, streamlining development.
  • Faster Experimentation: New features and logic can be rolled out from the server for quicker testing and iteration.

SDUI with SDL offers a powerful way to build highly adaptable and dynamic applications